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created @ 06.11.2020 by Long

Don Corneo is about to take his pick between Tiffa, Aerith and Cloud. We know now that Tiffa was on a Mission to find out what Don Corneo has to do with Shinra. Team Avalanche has him by the balls and he is forced to report! It seems like they are really up to noo god, no its really evil what they plan! But Don Corneo makes the Group go in to a Trap… The Screen changes and we find out what President Shinra and Heidegger are planing.

A Character Named Reeve comes is in the Scene with President Shinra and Heidegger but he doesnt seem to pleased by the Idea. The Evil plot is really terrible and cruel. The Plan is to make Avalanche accountable for a inside Job so they can get rid of them. In the same breath they could tighten the law to get more Control over the People in the Slums.

But the Group cant do anything right now since they have their own Problems. The Trap from Dorn Corneo brings them in the sewage canals. Don Corneo releases his pet “Aps” to fight with the Team. This means another Boss fight is coming. Since this Boss lives in the Water and Wet environment, Fire Spells make good Damage to him.

More about this Longplay

Welcome to my Final Fantasy 7 Longplay! I stream the games i publish as Longplay on Youtube without Commentary and Voice as normal Let’s Play on Twitch. There we can talk Live and i take Feedback from the Community.

Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy VII throws you into a scenario of poverty and hopelessness, and the first mission immediately shows you how far the world has come and how far people are willing to go…

Our main character Cloud is a confused man, there were not many constants in his life. Not only does the world end, the game then throws Cloud’s fate in your face, whose world is breaking in on itself….

The odds are against you, but giving up is not an option! It is the very different characters that have found each other even when the world was against them that make the game’s story so interesting…



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