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created @ 06.11.2020 by Long

After the Failed escape from Aerith and the strange Situation with Tiffa in a sexy Dress on a Chocobo Carriage we follow the Carriage to the Wall Market. The Wall Market is a place where you can get everything what you need! In this Episode we will expore the Wall market. We need to investigate what is going on with Tiffa too!

There is so much going on in the Wall Market! I am sure the Name is just a coincident similar to a big Shop known in America. I check the Shops first and buy new Gear. The Materia Shop is currently out of Order. The Wall Market is a very Big Mini Game Frenzy. The choices you make change whats going on in your future game. But it is not relevant to the story of the Game, but can be funny!

We find a establishment where male Character look at female Character. Its called the Honeybee In. In other Words it is a Strip Club. But the Creeps try to get in and we cant enter it without a Members Pass. Asking the Bouncer he Tells us he knows a Girl named Tiffa and she is the newest Girl in the Club…. I must say i didnt get how nasty that Game was when i played it the first time…

There is a neat Avalanche Graffiti and at the Top we find Don Corleones Mansion. There is a Boxing Club too where muscular dudes beef it out! Don Corleone is looking for more Girls and Aerith thinks its a good Idea to dress Cloud up as a Girl to get in the Mansion and find Tiffa. Check the next part to find out what will happen now!

More about this Longplay

Welcome to my Final Fantasy 7 Longplay! I stream the games i publish as Longplay on Youtube without Commentary and Voice as normal Let’s Play on Twitch. There we can talk Live and i take Feedback from the Community.

Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy VII throws you into a scenario of poverty and hopelessness, and the first mission immediately shows you how far the world has come and how far people are willing to go…

Our main character Cloud is a confused man, there were not many constants in his life. Not only does the world end, the game then throws Cloud’s fate in your face, whose world is breaking in on itself….

The odds are against you, but giving up is not an option! It is the very different characters that have found each other even when the world was against them that make the game’s story so interesting…



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