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created @ 08.04.2021 by Long

After the Date with Tiffa is finished the two find Cait Sith in the middle of the night. He seems to be acting strange so Tiffa and Cloud following him. A small chase breaks out, ending in the Race Square and something unimaginable happens: Cait Sith Snitching! He works for Shinra and has stolen the Keystone from the Group, handing it to Tseng from the Turks.

It is revealed that Cait Sith is just a robot that is controlled by a Shinra employee at Shinra Headquarters. This would usually mean some whooping from behind but Cait Sith Snitching was prepared. He kidnapped Barrets daugther Marlene. So for know we can do him any harm. Im curious what would happen when you go on a date with Barret since the Scene would have there when he tells us what he did. Cait Sith Snitching means that Shinra will be first at the City of the Ancients. He tells us that he will give us the Location but that brings no comfort anyway now. It is time to prepare the Group and see what is waiting for us there…

More about this Longplay

Welcome to my Final Fantasy 7 Longplay! I stream the games i publish as Longplay on Youtube without Commentary and Voice as normal Let’s Play on Twitch. There we can talk Live and i take Feedback from the Community.

Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy VII throws you into a scenario of poverty and hopelessness, and the first mission immediately shows you how far the world has come and how far people are willing to go…

Our main character Cloud is a confused man, there were not many constants in his life. Not only does the world end, the game then throws Cloud’s fate in your face, whose world is breaking in on itself….

The odds are against you, but giving up is not an option! It is the very different characters that have found each other even when the world was against them that make the game’s story so interesting…



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