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created @ 08.04.2021 by Long

To progress in the Story we need to conquer the Materia Keeper Boss. It is guarding the only way that leads to a new location. All other ways will only be helpful to backtrack to places we already where. After investigating Mt. Nibel and getting all the loot we need to fight the Materia Keeper Boss. Cloud told us in Kalm that Nibelheim was burning down and that Sephiroth did this. But the City was intact when we visitied it before. In the later course of the story we will find out what happend. Be prepared for a crazy Plottwist. The people in the village acting crazy, thats for sure!

When fighting the Materia Keeper Boss make sure to equip a Enemy Skill Materia. The Boss is one of the few Bosses where you can learn the Trine Enemey Skill. Especially in this stage of the game it is a very strong lightning magic spell. Be aware that the Bossfight can be pretty tuff, it depends a little bit on luck what attacks will be launched on you. It is no coincidence that there is a Save spot right in front of the fight.

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Welcome to my Final Fantasy 7 Longplay! I stream the games i publish as Longplay on Youtube without Commentary and Voice! You can join me for normal Let’s Play on Twitch. There we can talk Live and i take Feedback from the Community.

Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy VII throws you into a scenario of poverty and hopelessness, and the first mission immediately shows you how far the world has come and how far people are willing to go…

Our main character Cloud is a confused man, there were not many constants in his life. Not only does the world end, the game then throws Cloud’s fate in your face, whose world is breaking in on itself….

The odds are against you, but giving up is not an option! It is the very different characters that have found each other even when the world was against them that make the game’s story so interesting…



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