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created @ 13.05.2020 by Long

Sincerely the Video above is a Fanmade Half Life 3 Trailer… After this Long of a Time since the Release of Half Life 2 or even Half Life 1 many people say it will never come. But other very good Games had remakes lately after a very Long Time. Myself was never thinking to get a release Date for Stalker 2 which was confirmed this Year!

There is still a lot going on in the Half Life Universe. Like new Episodes for Half Life 2. But even there Episode 3 was never released. It seems to be Cursed. With Half Life Alyx there is even a Virtual Reality Part of the Series now. It could be that Valve is waiting for the Next Gen Gaming experience to be available to Release Half Life 3.

The Half Life Series had a immense impact in the Gaming Industry! Not only one of the most iconic Multiplayer Shooting Games Counter Strike is based on the Same engine. The Game was setting Records all over the Place. If there will be a new Part i will play it offcors and preserver it on my Site and YouTube Channel. If There will be a Half Life 3 Trailer i will post it as fast as possible!

Half Life 3 Trailer


Gordon Freeman works at the Black Mesa research complex where the state conducts top-secret research. After an experiment fails, he accidentally opens a portal to another world from which aliens flood the world. At first, he only finds the iconic Crowbar to defend himself, but he will steadily expand his arsenal throughout the game series!

The government sends an elite unit to Black Mesa, so Gordon ultimately fights on two fronts … In addition, the so-called G-Man keeps showing up to test him. The game is a first-person shooter, but also offers adventure and jump & run elements as well as some puzzles to keep the player on his toes!



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