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The Crowbar Collective developed a first-person shooter named Black Mesa. On Top of the Page you find the Black Mesa Trailer. It is a third-party remake of Half-Life (1998) that used the Source game engine. AT the beginning it was available as a free mod in September 2012. The Half Life Valve developers approved Black Mesa  for a commercial release. In the Beginning there was a first commercial early Access Version in May 2015. Followed by a full release in March 2020 for Windows and Linux.

Firstly Black Mesa was made in response to Half-Life: Source (2005), Valve’s port of Half-Life to the Source engine, which was lacking new features or improvements. Two teams wanted to improve on the Source remake and eventually merged to become Crowbar Collective. The initial Launch was planned for 2009. But the team realized they had rushed to this point and reevaluated their efforts to improve the quality of the remake. The Black Mesa Trailer is Fanmade and shows the polished Graphics from the Remake! Find the Longplay for Black Mesa here.

Black Mesa

Half Life Remake

Since then, attention to details, adapting the game to an improved version of the Source engine, and completely reworking the oft-derided final chapters of Half-Life (known as Xen) had lengthened the development efforts of the remake. Due to its long development time, the modification became notable for its delays on the status of its completion. Major changes include reskinned collection of textures, models and NPCs, a longer runtime. In addition improved level and puzzle design along with challenging enemy artificial intelligence, and additional dialogue and story elements.

To sum up the early-access version of Black Mesa was receiving positive reviews and is gaining more positive reviews as it was updated and improved. Reviewers praised the gameplay and attention to detail. Comparing it to that of an official Valve release, and the improvements to the Xen chapters.


Gordon Freeman works at the Black Mesa research complex where the state conducts top-secret research. After an experiment fails, he accidentally opens a portal to another world from which aliens flood the world. At first, he only finds the iconic Crowbar to defend himself, but he will steadily expand his arsenal throughout the game series!

The government sends an elite unit to Black Mesa, so Gordon ultimately fights on two fronts … In addition, the so-called G-Man keeps showing up to test him. The game is a first-person shooter, but also offers adventure and jump & run elements as well as some puzzles to keep the player on his toes!



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